Mia Lack - Qualifications

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Mia Lack:
M.Adult.Ed; M.Man; B.A; B.Ed; Dip. Hyp.; Cert IV (Train); Cert Super,

My qualifications:
I have had 26 years clinical experience in the field, as an Accredited Clinical Supervisor, Accredited Counsellor, Accredited Hypnotherapist, Accredited NLP Practitioner, Accredited Trainer, Accredited Group Facilitator, and Accredited Family Mediator. My training was received at the following educational institutions:

The University of Technology,
The Unifam College of Counselling
The Eastwood Family Counselling Training Centre
The Counselling Training Centre (NSW)
The Family Mediation Centre
The Brice-Wright School of Professional Hypnotherapy
The Institute of Human Technology Sydney 

The University of New England
The Institute of Counselling
The Gawler Foundation
The Family Life Training Centre
The College of Medical Hypnosis

Giving me the following certification:

Master Adult Education
Bachelor of Education
Diploma of Applied Hypnosis
Certificate of Counselling
Certificate of Couple Therapy
Certificate of Group Supervision
Certificate in Time Line Therapy
Certificate of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Certificate of Family and Marriage Counselling
Certificate of Trauma Incident Reduction (TIR)
Certificate in Private Subconscious Healing (PSH)

Certificate of Communication Instructor Training
Certificate of Cancer Support Group Leader
Master of Management
Bachelor of Arts
Certificate of Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy
Certificate of Family Therapy
Certificate of Family Mediation
Certificate of Group Facilitator

Professional Membership:
Australian Association of Marriage and Family Counsellors (AAMFC)
Australian Association of Relationship Counsellors (AARC)
Australian Hypnotherapy Association (AHA)
I am the current Treasurer of the AHA and past Secretary of the AAMFC.

Health Fund Rebates:
Rebates may apply if you are in the top program in your health fund. Therefore you are advised to check your eligibility with your health fund.

Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA) www.ahahypnotherapy.org.au
Australian Association of Marriage and Family Counselling (AAMFC) www.aamfc.org.au
Australian Association of Relationship Counsellors (AARC) www.aamfc.org.au