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When people think of the word hypnosis or hypnotherapy, they normally think of stage hypnosis. Whereas hypnotherapy is based on co-operation between the hypnotherapist and the client in changing/removing an unwanted feeling or behaviour. The hypnotherapist helps the client become more relaxed and attentive. The hypnotherapist then makes suggestions which are intended to be helpful to the clients’ problem/condition/issue.
Hypnotherapy involves an alteration in the experience of consciousness. You become absorbed in a central experience, dissociated or distanced from your normal perceptions, thoughts and feelings, and responsive to suggestions which are in your interest to pursue. It is a process of communicating ideas and resources that are drawn from your subconscious mental process.

Will I be awake during Hypnotherapy?
Yes. You will be in a state of relaxation, and will normally be aware of what is said in hypnotherapy session.

Can anyone be hypnotised?
People vary in their capacity to be hypnotised but most people have experienced it naturally in the form of daydreaming, driving somewhere without realising how they got there, being injured, for example while playing football, but not feeling any pain, listening to music or watching television, and being transported away. The trance experience appears to be effective whether it is light, medium or deep.

For what conditions/problems is hypnotherapy used?
Hypnosis can be used for a wide range of problems or conditions such as, but not restricted to the following;



IVF Treatment Bed Wetting Concentration
Sport Performance Procrastination Grief & Loss
Insomnia Gambling Issues Stress
Unwanted Habits Emotional Issues Phobias
Addictions Childbirth Panic Attacks
Exam Nerves Performance Enhancement Headaches
Nail Biting Food Issues Health Issues
Teeth Grinding Trauma Self Esteem
Pain Control Depression Memory
Sleep Disorders Shyness IBS
Low Motivation Alcohol Issues Self Confidence
Worry Psoriasis and Skin Conditions Sports Ability


Mia is available by appointment only, during the day or evening, in the private, quiet, relaxed bush land environment of Wahroonga. All consultations are completely confidential and are aimed at resolving issues in the shortest possible time. A standard session normally goes for 1 hour.

If you would like to make an appointment please phone on (02) 9489 3285 or email for further information.